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What is the difference between the programs?

We have 4 unique programs that are designed for all levels of commitment. The Introductory and Discovery Programs follow a similar 6 week plan and are designed to create a new foundation of health by teaching you self-care techniques that last a lifetime. On these plans you are asked to give up sugar for at least 30 days. The unique feature of the Discovery Program is the weekly 1 on 1 coaching call with your personal wellness coaches.

The Intensive and Premium Wellness Programs take an even deeper look into your personal metabolic health, where you eat a nutrient-specific diet based on you individual lab results. For a full explanation of the programs, please contact us for your free 30 minute assessment call.

What is metabolic balance®?

metabolic balance® is an innovative all-natural nutrition program that brings balance to your hormones, optimizes your health, and leads to a new invigorating lifestyle resulting in successful long term weight management. Please visit for more information.

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is a holistic and individualized approach to the promotion of health. A variety of tools are used by a therapist to assess and identify possible nutritional and biochemical imbalances and to understand an individual’s symptoms and heath concerns. By working with the individual’s needs, the body is supported towards maintaining health.

What a functional health report?

Imagine if you could ask your body what’s going on?

Like a fingerprint, people are individuals with unique biochemical characteristics. Even for people with the same condition, their contributing imbalances may be very different. That’s why for optimal results, health decisions should incorporate understandable, actionable information about your biochemistry. That is exactly what the Functional Health Report does. It explains what your lab results mean and relates each recommendation back to specific biochemical imbalances. It acts as an early warning system to identify imbalances when they are meaningful, not just critical. It ranks your imbalances so that you can focus on what is important, recommends further testing based on your current lab results and provides alerts where your lab results may require special attention. Lastly, it tracks results to see how well you’re doing.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we offer Easy Payments with PayPal Credit which lets budget your payments as you go. You choose the monthly payment amount and length of time that works for you, so you can pay with peace of mind.

Who are the coaches?

The program is led by Andrea Grandson NT, Nutritional Therapist and Kat Burns, Lifestyle Coach. You can read both of their bios here.

How are we different?

We will listen to and honor your goals. We will explain your test findings, answer your questions and give you choices. We are here for you whether you are looking to get your health back on track, or in need of a complete health overhaul. We will do our best to respect your time and make your program efficient and effective. We encourage participation and we will empower you with ways to reach your goals faster while offering clinical excellence with the latest in health and well-being care.

How much exercise is involved?

This depends on your plan, how much weight you have to lose and on your current activity level. Some participants may be discouraged from exercising in the first few weeks.

Do I need to see my doctor to get a blood test?

The Intensive and the Premium program are the only programs that include lab testing. If you choose either of these programs we will send you a requisition form along with instructions to take to a local lab. The cost of this is included in the program.



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